F.R.E Fancy Stitch Ergonomic Bridle Pre-Sale

$160.00 USD $190.00 USD

*Will be back in stock & shipping to customers mid September!*

This innovative bridle is a a high quality, durable leather and provides superior comfort for your equine athletes

    The design of the noseband allows total freedom for the cheekbones and the sensitive nerves in your horse's jaw. It is secured by regular pullback fastening with extra padded underneath.
    The headpiece shape reduces pressure behind your horse's ears and top of the neck. Extra padding offers more freedom of movement for your horse's ears.
    The reins are super grippy and flexible. Designed for superior durability and comfort for athletic performance. 
Recommended for horses that:
* sensitive over the molars and in the mouth
* Horses of all experience levels
* Compliments horse's with refined features

Extra features:
*Reins included!
* Flat, English, vegetable-tanned leather
* FEI approved for both horses and ponies.

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